Many times divorces are complicated matters that involve many different situations. There have been situations where a divorce may lead to murder when one spouse upset at the other, these situations usually arise from years of conflict or in some cases as claimed by some for the love of the children involved. A situation a few years back, where a wife was stabbed to death as a result of a divorce, although this isn’t a hate crime, it might be classified as such. According to Toronto divorce lawyer for the victim the husband believed the wife would be unfit to raise the children when she was given custody because of her mental issues so instead of letting the courts decide he opted to take his wife’s life and fighting to have family members raise his children why he was sentenced to jail. In most situations most people will not go to such extremes, but everyone has their own motives and their ideas of what’s right and wrong.

A 35-year-old man who died in Indiana from being beaten for hours is Aaron C. Hall. He was called Shorty and the beating he died of was allegedly done by two teenage males. They beat him to death they claimed because Shorty made a homosexual advance towards one of the boys.

He was born on April 28, 1971 in Seymour Indiana. He lived in Crothersville, Indiana where he had one daughter and died on April 12, 2007. Interviews from witnesses and police accounts state that he was last seen on April 12, 2007 where the teenagers King and Gray and 21-year-old Hendricks picked the victim up to go drinking at Gray’s residence. Gray said that the fight started when Hall grabbed King in the ground. King and Gray then allegedly beat Hall. It was Hendricks who called the police by sending a photo of the teenagers and the beaten Hall from his cellphone to policeman John Hodge.

Hendricks said that the beating occurred for several hours and ended when the teenagers drove Hall to a ditch and left him there. It was alledged that the teenagers and Hendricks returned to the ditch on a later date to retrieve a new camouflage coat Hall had been wearing and took Hall’s dead, naked and beaten body back to Gray’s garage. This is where police discovered the body which was wrapped in a tarp.

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