Hate Crimes Law Resolutions

Hate is a common emotion that people can feel for another group.  In most cases, this hate is guided by the fact of misunderstanding and prejudice for the different.  When hate is expressed and a criminal act is committed against people with protected characteristics relating to nationality, race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity or disability, like violence, harassment, damage to property, etc., a hate crime is committed.

In Sacramento California, four arsons and three attempted arsons were committed by a self proclaimed white separatist in the months of July and October 1993.  The string of events started with attempted arson of a Jewish temple.  In later days, the local office of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People was destroyed by fire.  August and September brought more incidents of failed arson attempts where it became clear to investigators that these acts were motivated by hate.

The arsonist who called himself the Aryan Liberation Front set fire to offices of the Bristol Citizens League and the State Office of Fair Employment and Housing and the home of the Asian-European city councilman.  Further attacks were also warned about.  This started a widespread feeling of fear in the public and so pressure was put on the local, state and federal officials to stop the burnings.  The crimes became more serious when the second wave of arsons started and due to this, the investigation was given full support from officials in every level of government.  The Sacramento Police Department concluded that in order to be effective, resources had to be funneled through an official task force on hate crime.

With command of the tactical field personnel of the task force delegated to an operations lieutenant within the police department, surveillance of potential targets and deployment of tactical field teams were made to respond to new crimes and fleeing suspects.  The effort to stop hate crimes increased to the point that community is also involved.

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