Case #240-2014/2015

This black doll was hung outside the home of a transgender black man. He was persistently targeted by his neighbour over a sustained period, which seriously affected his well-being. 

We escalated the situation to the police, and after our intervention and a visit from Avon and Somerset Constabulary the incidents ceased.

Case #144-2013/2014

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Case #240-2014/2015

Case #300-2013/2014

"I first remember being bullied at primary school when I was about 6 years old. Nobody wanted to play with me—the boys all played together and would ignore me and the girls would play together and tell me to go away. I remember feeling very alone, and then the bullying beca worse and I was physically attacked most days, mainly by the boys.

"From the moment I started secondary school, I was made to
feel bad about myself. Pupils that I'd never met before would
come up to me and tell me that they hated me and they would
physically attack me. Most of these pupils were older than me
so I was very frightened. I used to hide in the resource centre
at lunch times but they would come and find me and bully me.

"Everyone called me gay, but I didn't feel that I was gay; I now
know that I am transgender, but I had no way of knowing this
when I was young, so it was all very confusing and stressful.
This led me to feeling suicidal and I started to self harm as a
​release from the pain of being isolated and hated. 

"I was brutally assaulted just after my 14th birthday. It was a complete shock as I was sitting down when someone came up behind me and started punching the back of my head; I fell on the ground and then they started kicking and punching me all over my body. The police took the assault very seriously and I had to go to court to give evidence which was nerve-wracking. I felt that I was very well supported by SARI and the Police Hate Crime Team during the 8 months leading up to the court case, and I doubt I could have given evidence if it weren't for their support.

"I wish I had contacted these organisations before the assault as I feel that all bullying is a criminal offence, and that victims of bullying need this kind of support when they are going through hell.

"I have felt much better since BHCS became involved as they listened to me, and really understood."